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11 Strangest Sexual Conditions

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Discontinuation led to remission of these symptoms. This one requires the antidepressant Clomipramine. The authors are unable to explain the origins of these peculiar phenomena, coinciding with the administration of clomipramine. An outpatient treatment regime of psychotherapy and clomipramine 50 mg per 24 hours, was initiated. This combination may be potent enough in some clomipramine using individuals to push them over the edge. This peptide sequence is contained in the corticotropin releasing factor CRF molecule. If you are experiencing orgasm pill sneezing, chances are orgasm pill sneezing not the only one. It was really quite extraordinary because I usually have tremendous difficulty reaching orgasm. I think orgasm pill sneezing said "Enjoy it while it lasts". With discontinuation of the medication several weeks later, this phenomena disappeared.

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