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Advantages and Disadvantages of Penetration Pricing

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When you offer better prices than your competitors, luring out their customers becomes easier that previously expected. Moreover, companies can create either short or long-term campaigns and structure them according to their budget and needs. For example, when prices are already low, it means that consumers have already built trust towards an advantages of price penetration company, so entering the market and trying to beat the price of the competitor is an ineffective way to act. Buyers always want better and when the opportunity comes, they always shift towards the best. Adoption is similar to diffusion here the focus is on the psychological acceptance of the product by the consumer. Critics argue over the probability of its occurrence and possibility of detection. Consumers mostly fall for the trick because the interest and curiosity that the improved product drives are irresistible. Broader Market Potential Not only do you attract more customers, but advantages of price penetration can generally appeal to a broader market with penetration pricing than with skim pricing.

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