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HT1250 Programming for Ham use help

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The codeplug layout appears to be the same for most US ht1250 ls amateur programming of the radios, but there are some which are different. The radio lock password is a bit ht1250 ls amateur programming, it's at 0x3a4 and is 2 bytes. These are the radios that could be programmed with ham frequencies, but we suspect would not be type accepted in the US. Byte 0x2E9 is the checksum fix bit. These are 10 bytes of the serial number. Create a ht1250 ls amateur programming cable to interface between the RS port on your PC and the two programming cable assemblies upgrade dongles and their attached RIB-less programming cables. For all practical purposes "time was standing still" for the radio as it's internal clock was dead. Make sure it's transmitting on the frequency you think it is. If the latter, Do you have access to a frequency counter or scanner with close call? For example deviation response will vary from to MHz, the same voltage at will be an unacceptable amount of deviation at

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