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Sperm sorting

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Gamete Research Volume 16, Issue1, pagesJanuary ; http: As a consequence, when exposed to UV light during flow cytometry, X spermatozoa fluoresce brighter than Y- spermatozoa. Additionally, there is ongoing debate about using sperm spinning gender sorting for choosing the child's sex. Retrieved from " https: The sperm is selected not only by its highest motility but also by other factors such as DNA integrityproduction of reactive oxygen species and viability. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That is to say, indonesia sexi porn girl will sperm spinning gender be some "male" sperm among the "female" sperm and vice sperm spinning gender. However, flow cytometry is the only currently used technique able to determine the sex of future progeny by measuring DNA content of individual sperm cells. Egg cells are often fertilized by sperm which would have low chance of fertilizing it in natural conditions.

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