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Model Refuses To Pluck Her Unibrow, Challenges Beauty Stereotypes

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Or perhaps the prevalence of Botox no frowning or eyebrow raising means we simply have no need for them? Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! Aidan Jean-Marie, creative director of Premier Model Management, says he has "had a couple of girls who had their brows bleached for beauty stories in the last few weeks. Shaved eyebrows model Markus 1 year ago Oh most certainly, it doesn't look like a natural shade for her. Henricy 1 year ago the hair is natural, the eyebrows are dyed, did you read the article? I think she said, she feels shaved eyebrows model looks better this shaved eyebrows model. Eyebrows have been the center of and sometimes the victim of all sorts of creative not to mention bizarre beauty trends throughout the years. She needs to do a little "mandscaping"

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