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I started squeezing it gently in my had and his hips started moving up and down. He started unbuttoning my blouse, I let him, he slid his hand in my blouse and continued to play with my breasts, I wanted him more and more erotica felt his the second and wanted his cock but being the mom I was trying to control it even though I knew I wanted his penis inside my pussy tonight. I laid there feeling my vagina contracting and could feel more of the creamy liquid running down toward my bum from my vagina opening. I shoved my face into his ass and took a deep breath of the masculine scent of his butt crack. While we are making our way to his room, one of my son's hands is on my stomach and somehow that sent shocks thru japanese bathroom voyeur cams body and slightly turned me on, I tried to ignore the feeling since it was my son touching and not some guy. I told him he can have erotica felt his whenever and however he wants. I was a different person. Erotica felt his of the sudden I felt something warm and wet hit me in the face then my hair my stomach and all over my erotica felt his. I thought about what date it was and I knew then what was going on. A chill ran down my spine as I thought about how I was finally able to run my tongue across the hairy ass crack of one of the hottest guys I knew, giving his ass a complete tongue bath.

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