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Nude photos 'private' says Disney starlet Adrienne Bailon

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And if you're a Disney star, the fans' parents won't like this, even if you weren't posing for Playboy or "Girls Gone Wild. Sign up to receive the latest news from Latina. If All Goes WrongÖ. Disney should just give you a supply of body stockings until you're done working for them. When she got her laptop back, Adrienne realized something was missingóa series of racy, nude-below-the-belt photos she had taken of adrienne bailon disney star nude photos as an anniversary gift for her boyfriend Rob Kardashian. Pictures of the wholesome Disney star semi-nude and in sexy lingerie have found their way to the internet, leaving her feeling more than a little over-exposed. She's the adrienne bailon disney star nude photos Disney starlet to be involved in a nude photo scandal. At least until your Disney contract expires. Submit it as an expense. Not in the shower.

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