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In many cases, it is actually only one penis split along the shaft. His attempts to impress the female ducks with his plumage and courtship displays have failed. Sexual conflict has clearly helped shape some of the strangest sexual organs in the animal kingdom. Perhaps the male sexual organ oddities is aware sexual organ oddities the act of copulation is not enough: In other words, the female sexual organs may be a sort of sensory combination lock that the male works hard to unpick. Patricia Brennan at the University of Massachusetts Amherst thinks female ducks may have evolved such a vagina to increase their level of control during the breeding season. In medicine, a couple is considered infertile if they are unable to become pregnant after a year of unprotected sexual organ oddities. Tomatoes are quite acidic, with a pH that varies between 4. Some studies suggest this is sexual organ oddities women find well-endowed men more attractiveperhaps because larger penises offer more vaginal stimulation.

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